Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Toren: New Game Release

Being released this week is a new game called Toren, an action-adventure puzzle that takes after the Japanese game called Ico. It's developed by Brazillian developers Swordtale, who take the game and skew it towards a more surreal, abstract prospective. You play as a girl who wields a sword, progressively aging into an adult as you climb a tower. There are monsters and imps that you encounter along the way, like in most games, however you dispatch them through more unconventional methods rather than you do in normal RPG's, making the sword the girl carries mostly for show. Rather than fighting, most of the game is spent climbing and platforming, and puzzle solving. The plot reflects the surreal and abstract feel with heavy metaphors and mythology, and can leave you with more of a depth and understanding of the human condition than other RPG's normally played. The game runs for about 100 minutes, with a flaw that, if you fail the final boss, you have to pick back up at the start, and play through the game again. While the puzzles may be repetitive, and the frame rate can be poor, the game's style leaves it as one that is still fun to play repetitively. You can pick this game up for PC or for PS4 starting today, anywhere games are found.

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