Monday, November 17, 2014

So I Got A New Neopet

Remember way back when neopets first came out and you'd go adopt a pet and play games until you forgot to do your homework and were on the borderline of never sleeping? I was there too. After a year of trying to quit, I couldn't stand it anymore, and I decided to return to a sleepless scheduel where I'd spend my days at work and my nights staying up feeding my pets and chatting on the forums. The results were fairly positive. Within the first five minutes after recreating the account, I got a 'something has happened' which gave me 10,000 neopoints, and they've released a new pet I've really taken a liking too. The design of the website is still sleek, though the entire site has changed slightly from it's original set-up, which they had years ago. Personally, I don't mind having too many buttons to click (isn't that the point of the website?), and the folders holding the links seems organized enough. They still have a lot of old games, though I can tell they must be starved for money, as the first game advertised is one where you must spend the currency you buy, neocash. I can't even buy neocash because my account isn't old enough yet. In the mean time, I can always invest my time training my pet for the battledome, and after I'm all settled in, design it's webpage from a free blank slate. The community has always been friendly to me, and there are still thousands of mini-games to keep you occupied. Still there are a few things I don't like, such as neocash only being spendable on regular items, and neopoints not being able to be spent on neocash. Despite that, the site is still as fun and probably more time consuming than any other game on the market. I highly suggest it to people who like playing collection games, like pokemon, or anyone who likes any given genre of phone game. To sign up, just visit, and have fun getting lost again like I did.

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