Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pre-Advanced Warfare

With the upcoming release of Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare, at the beginning of November, there is news abound of all the pre-release specials and beta gameplay out there. The awesome new multiplayer introduces a ton of new weapons, perks, technology, customization and other new features. It is said to have an almost Halo-like feel to it, with sharp new graphics and the old Call of Duty feel.

Steam has announced a special, where is you pre-purchace the game, you will get the Day Zero Edition, 24 hours prior to purchace. What this does is allow early access to the game on November 3rd, along with two bonus weapons, advanced arsenal, and extra experience on the pre-release date. I highly recommended that you order the Day Zero Edition before the release of the game, through steam, to get a headstart on all that multiplayer action.

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