Tuesday, August 26, 2014


While most MMORPG's take place on land, EVE Online is an MMO that takes place in the vast expanse of space, letting you pilot a starship while you struggle to keep war or peace between you and the four empires from New Eden. After choosing one of four races to start with, each with different in-game goals, you are led to limitless character creation. You start the game in a ship hangar, with a beginner ship and a tutorial to follow. After a while, you will learn to take missions, which are based around space exploration, resource gathering, military advancements, and other things. The fact that you have a captains quarters inside the ship makes for easy access to managing inventory and class, even when in the middle of a mission. The game runs from 15$ to 20$ a month, with a 21 day free trial, and can only be purchased from http://www.eveonline.com/, with the help of an account.

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