Monday, June 30, 2014

Games with Gold for July

With mid summer approaching, Steam sales are drawing to a close and a new Fable release is on the horizon. Puzzle gamers everywhere are preparing for a game that goes by the name Valiant Hearts, and with a new months approaching, Xbox is releasing a few new Games with Gold for July.

Guacamelee! will be available July second as a two dimensional based platformer with a sense of charm and humor. As it sounds, Guacamelee is based on it's melee combat, though it's maps and it's puzzle concepts, based on flipping between the world of the living, and the world of the dead, also play a huge part in the game. With it's colorful art style and amazing character design, along with a few RPG elements, its no surprise it's been rated a 9.0 on ign, and is a highly recommended play.

The other two new games on Games with Gold are Gotham City Impostors, a shooter available July first through the 15th, and BattleBlock Theater, a game by Behemoth games which takes a humorous two dimensional platformer and throws it's own twist on it. The game starts when your ship full of friends crashes on an island filled with cat guards. It's your job to play through the 80 plus levels to free yourself from them. While the game looks cute, it's hard to fall in love with, and other platformers, like Guacamelee!, are more highly recommended.

To get Games with Gold, one must have an Xbox live subscription, which is free to obtain. If one wants to buy something with Xbox points, however, it is possible to purchase the points at

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