Monday, March 24, 2014

Titanfall, a New Generation of Multiplayer

From Respawn Entertainment comes a new title known as Titanfall, one of the most anticipated games of 2014. This first person multiplayer shooter takes place in a dangerous universe where you, a pilot, and your titan, a giant humanoid robot you pilot, do battle with other titans, pilots, and AI soldiers. The game focuses on the two elements of these soldiers, the pilots, which are agile footsoliders with a jetpack, and the titans,who are the giant robots you can maneuver around the map, until they explode. The pillot, that is you, start off by choosing a default class to fight with, and five weapons of choice for their class: the main weapon, the side arm, an anti-titan weapon, a special ability, and an ordinance. The titans themselves have their own sort of classes, as there are three types of titans to use. Everyone gets a titan, and surprisingly, contrary to popular belief, the titans are not ridiculously overpowering, and rather easy to take out. As of right now, there are two game modes for Titanfall, known as Attrition, a basic death-match, and Hardpoint. Only three maps have been released so far, though I can only imagine that many more maps will be following in suit. The controls you have in the game really set it apart from other shooters, as maneuvering feels more natural than that of Battlefield of Call of Duty, and there are more ways to manuver, such as double jumping, and wall running. The graphics are incredible, from the massive ships in the sky and the landscapes, down to the finest detail on the soldiers and their weapons, Titanfall does a good job at immersing you in the gameplay. The story is driven by two factions, the IMC and the Militia. The IMC is a giant cooperation who is exploiting a place known as the Frontier, or the collection of resource-rich planets at the deepest reaches of space. The Militia are run by people known as settlers, who are men and women who journey to the frontier looking for new opportunities and places to settle outside of Earth. It is the settlers belief that the IMC should stay out of this free new land, though to the IMC, the settlers are a huge obstacle in collecting their precious resources, thus, the two fight one another over control of the land. The game will be released on the Xbox and the PC, so both console gamers and PC gamers can get a taste of this game. Released on March 11th, the titles of this game are now available in stores everywhere, or online. I highly recommend getting this game, for sandbox gamers, for shooters, or for those who enjoy multiplayer. Hope to see you on the Frontier.

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