Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Super Mario Galaxy on Review

Mario is one of the longest running series in video game history, and certainly one of the most popular. Since the dawn of his creation, the concept has remained basically the same, with occasional variants like Mario Kart and Mario Superstar Baseball that Nintendo has made and sort of set aside the original Mario storyline. My favorite Mario game, by far, is Super Mario Galaxy, made for the Wii system.

In this game, you play as Mario running through a space-like environment. Princess Peach is, once again, captured by the dastardly Bowser, and it's Mario's job to get her back. Like other Mario games, in Super Galaxy you have the option to travel through different levels, and unlike other games, you go about it defeating monsters and completing puzzles as you go. What really stand out, though, are the level designs, which are completely out of this world, excuse the pun. The creativity that goes into the design for the levels is phenomenal. Where in other Mario games, the levels are flat and fairly two dimensional, Super Mario Galaxy is a game with three dimensions. This whole game has a space theme to it, and it's your job as Mario to go traversing across these floating 'planets', each with their own gravity, different dangers, and unique components that set each level apart from one another. In these collections of planets, you act as Mario, bouncing around to try and collect coins and 'star bits'. Star bits act as both the currency and a type of weapon in the game, along with Mario's original bounce and a new 'spinning' move that can be done by shaking the remote. Because of this, it can be fun to just run around and goof off in levels, and Nintendo made it even more fun to return to previously played levels to collect all the coins and the stars themselves, which are needed in order to save the Princess, and travel through the galaxy. The graphics are by far better than previous Mario games made for the Gamecube and N64, and the controls do fairly well as far as a Wii game is concerned. Sometimes, while wandering around in a nearly four-dimensional field, the controls can get a bit strange, and the gravity of a planet can sometimes make it difficult to jump in a straight line. However, the strangeness and newness of the platformer makes it an amazingly different, but still fun, game to play. However, if you don't like the Wii controls, I do not suggest this game for you. While this game is not particularly challenging, it can get tiresome, as this game calls for aiming the remote at the TV quite a bit, to spin, to shoot star bits, to defeat bosses, or to complete different puzzles. While most Mario games are more based on the playability of the normal Mario levels, Mario Galaxy really stands out because of the exact opposite, with the playability, mechanics, and art design of the levels being the center of what makes this game great. It is that, with the nostalgia of the old Mario thrown in on top of this that make the whole game a great play, whether or not you like to play Wii games or not. If you do own a Wii, I would definitely say that Super Mario Galaxy is a game that should be one in your collection.

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