Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas wrapping ideas for the gamer in your life

Has someone else already bought the gamer in your life a fourth generation console for Christmas? Are you having trouble finding a game that they don't already own? Well, don't panic! There are tons of ideas out there that don't involve anything electronic or digital at all, that can still please anyone who plays video games. T-shirts, board games, and mugs can usually be found in your local gift stores, or, if your feeling lazy, right online at JiNX, the only place to buy gaming goods for your special someone.

As a gamer myself, I would love to find a present under the tree that isn't a new console or another game I have to play through. Even gift cards are widely accepted, though not as fun to wrap as material goods. If you want to go beyond the normal stocking stuffers, you could always get a bit creative with wrapping your presents, such as grabbing online orders from the gametimezone website and making the ordering code into oragami, or taking strips of paper and interweaving them together to make a flat picture, and wrapping a gift in that. This technique of wrapping, known as the 'pixel weave', can even make it look like there is an 8-bit pixel or icon of something on the present, if you get the technique down well. If you're not feeling crafty, JiNX always has posters that you could wrap your gift with, and with that, you get to give two presents instead of a single one.
(source: Anjelika Temple)
Of course, if you really can't think of anything, good old gift cards and downlodable content really doesn't hurt. You can't wrap things like that, but at least it saves you the paper, and it can still save you a trip to the store. Although JiNX doesn't sell wrapping paper, you can save yourself a trip to the store by shopping online. Just head over to and shop to your wallet's content, buying those things your gamer craves to have year after year.

Happy Holiday, and please feel free to comment with your favorite gift wrapping ideas.

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