Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rumors on the Xbox Next

With a lack of 'exciting' new games being released lately, (I personally, do not have a soft-spot for shooters, so I'm afraid Gears of War and Bioshock will have to take a backseat for a while) I've decided to turn from specific games, to other new stuff, and hit on something I've known as 'Durango' since it's announcement in an issue of Game Informer sometime last year. You, the fans, though, might be more familiar with the name 'Xbox 720'.
Rumors abound, when it comes to the two next generation consoles still to be released, though a few things have been confirmed, through Microsoft, about the xbox next. Although an exact date has not yet been scheduled, it's been confirmed that Durango will be released in time for the Holiday season this 2013, meaning it'll put up plenty of competition for the other systems. It's also been confirmed that this next xbox will read Blu-ray discs, though it would be silly to imagine that it would do anything less, considering both WiiU and the PS3 can already do just that.
One of the most sickening rumors to be circulating, (about any of the next generation systems), is the rumor that Durango will no longer allow gamers to reuse used games. Rather, the idea is that the xbox will simply store game data and retrieve it from memory when one wants to play the game, using the disc as a one-time-only download, which will not be read during gameplay. There are also rumors that the next xbox will have an always-on, always-connected online connectivity, but some think this, too, sounds like a terrible idea. However, hopes are still high that this new system will not disappoint us, and that Microsoft will not be thick-headed enough to put places like Gamestop out of business with a one-time download disc.
Other rumors go on to suggest that little old Durango will have more 3D capabilities than ever, with the possibility of an improved xbox connect system, and what has been described as 'projections' onto the wall's beside the TV or system. Though the market of motion-sensor gaming is down, and the idea of further immersion into a game via use of projections sounds a bit goofy, video-game fans every are still highly anticipating the arrival of the next console's this year. Is it possible that the next xbox will be the console to revolutionize the industry? Only time will tell.

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