Friday, March 15, 2013

Sylvion: The Eight Eeveelution

If any fan has been paying attention to the updates made on the Pokemon franchise, then they should be aware that, in about seven months, the next installment of games, Pokemon X and Y, are due to be announced this October. Until that time comes, Nintendo has slowly been releasing tidbits of information on some of the sixth generation of these little creatures, just to keep us fans on our toes. The latest Pokemon to have been released to the public is known (in America) as Sylvion, though much information about this monster still has to be disclosed. However, some people have made many a prediction about what this little pink thing could possibly do.

(GamingBlastBros, Gaming news: Pokemon X and Y footage:Sylvion)

Because the original video that Nintendo released, we know that there are three moves that this pokemon can use: Swift, Trump Card (a move previously exclusive to Slowking) and, Focus Blast (a fighting move). These moves have lead many to believe that Sylvion is a fighting type, though at this rate, that prediction could go either way. Many others have made speculations about this new Eeveelution being a normal type, however, some seem to think this go against everything that Eevee and its evolutionary tree stands for. Many other's hope that Sylvion's typing will be anything from psychic to even steel or bug, with one of the most intriguing predictions being a flying type Eeveelution. Could it be that Nintendo is officially going to release it's first ever strictly Flying-type pokemon? Unfortunately, until more information is released, we the fans will be left waiting with bated breath for our answers.

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