Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Gifts for the gamer in your life.

I was reading an article in Rock Paper Shotgun about Linux being available now in beta on Steam
I am a big Steam fan girl and so is nearly everyone in my family.  The absolute perfect gift for any of my children is Steam points.  However gift points are not that fun to open, so what I do is I come up with something to make the gift more fun.  

There is the classic box, inside a box ,inside a box method or the box wrapped in duck tape which can lead to hilarity as they try to get past the tape.  Inside a puzzle box is always a good option but they can be expensive.  Sometimes to mix things up, I go to a favorite geek website and shop in the under $10 section and attach the Steam points code to the item.  This year someone might be getting a 8-Bit Christmas Stocking from Think Geek with a Steam code attached.  Website shopping takes a little advance preparation so a favorite candy bar, bag of Cheetos or 12 pack of soda usually gets a good giggle.

The best part is if you can make them laugh while opening, your gift receiver will remember that gift for the rest of their life.  

Happy Holidays,  Please feel free to comment with your favorite gift opening experience. is great place to get those last minute gifts for the gamers in your life

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