Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To Wii U™ or not to Wii U™ that is the question.

     The Wii U™ will be available 11/18 Will you be getting one?   In our household, we have every gaming system and the current Nintendo system has always been our go to system for group play.  But out current Wii works fine and as far as I can tell, you do not really need the "U" for group play.  Though the current stance of not picking up the new Wii U™ is battling hard against the strong desire to have the new Super Mario Bros U.  I can not even imagine not having that game to play in the post holiday mania.

  There is one Nintendo accessory that I will be picking up if the decision is made to get the Wii U™ that I found at the Nintendo's Official Holiday Gift Guide.

Everything I have read has said that they do not expect the supply to be able to meet the demand for the Wii U™   I do not know if this is just promotional but hype or not, if someone in your household has the Wii U™ on there wish list for Christmas or Hanukkah,  I do recommend head out this weekend and get one.

Updated November 14th: 
   I am still going back and forth.  This morning I watched the following video.  My first thought, Oh yuck.  This is not what I want from a Nintendo device.  I understand why they have made these changes.  But for me personally, there is no reason for the Wii to ever be connected to the internet.  
But then, I saw the trailer for Nintendo Land and This would be soooo much fun!!!
Is family fun time worth $300 Plus $100 in games?  Thats a lot o money.  

Still undecided........

Updated November 15th
BEN KUCHERA / WED, NOV 14, 2012 "The problem is that it took me a few days of living with the system to really understand what it can do. The good news is I’ve never been more enthusiastic about the Wii U, but the bad news is that it’s taking me hundreds of words written for an already engaged gamer audience to explain why I’m enthusiastic. All these ideas and concepts are going to be hard to sell based on a 30 second commercial. For those of us who buy in, however, I hope for many imaginative games in the near future. Either with the TV or without it."

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