Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The importance of unique passwords and the permanent closure of the Playspan Marketplace

If you have not yet heard, Playspan, responsible for over 26 million gaming accounts has been hacked. Hackers have obtained IDs, passwords and email addresses of users using the Playspan service.

Anyone who has a user name and password with Playspan may be affected. According to Playspan credit/debit/prepaid card details were not stolen. Playspan advises all marketplace users to reset their passwords until an investigation has been completed. Until that time, Playspan has suspended Marketplace transactions on their site.

Announcement from Playspan:
"When PlaySpan detected the breach, we immediately shut down the hacker’s access to our systems and took steps to protect our customers’ PlaySpan accounts. We then commenced a comprehensive forensic analysis and are working with law enforcement to investigate the crime. As a precaution, we have already locked all user accounts and closed the PlaySpan Marketplace site. We sincerely apologise for any frustration or inconvenience this incident has caused our customers.  We know PlaySpan’s business depends on consumer trust.  Security is a top priority for us, and we are redoubling our efforts to strengthen PlaySpan’s overall system security.”

Should you worry? Only if you are the 1/3 of computer users who still use the same password for every website. Scarily few computer users seem to have woken up to the risks of using the same ones for every site they visit. With social networking and other internet accounts now even more popular, and by using the same password to access Facebook, Amazon and your online bank account, you're making it much easier for hackers to be able to gain access to your other accounts and start making purchases with your accounts.

Regarding the permanent closure of the Playspan Marketplace, Game Time Zone would like to help by offering a coupon code for those needing a new prepaid card marketplace to purchase Runescape, Maple Story and other many other game codes/points.  

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