Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Xbox 360 dashboard Now with IE & Pinning

Don’t panic if you don’t see an immediate update for your console.
  1. Updated UI: Layout with more tiles
  2. Combined TV & Movies channel - in the US, a Sports destination.
  3. Internet Explorer for Xbox - viewing will include HTML5 videos.
  4. Recommendations and Ratings - rate content yourself and also see Rotten Tomatoes.
  5. Pinning - personalize the dashboard by saving your favorite movies, TV shows, games, music, videos & websites on home screen.
  6. Xbox Video replaces Zune Video Marketplace.
  7. Recent replaces Quick Play.
  8. Enhanced Search added action, comedy, romance, drama or sci-fi.
    1. Bing voice search now includes results for video across the Web.
    2. Kinect voice search capabilities to 9 new countries – Canada, France,Germany, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Ireland.

If you ever have questions about XBOX and have a twitter account message @XBOXSupport
GTZ asked them how do you "pin"? 15 min later we received a reply:

Create a pin

There are several ways to pin an app, game, or webpage to your My Pins list. One easy way is to create a pin directly from your Recent list. Here’s how:
  1. From Xbox Home, select Recent.
  2. Highlight an item you want to pin and press X to view Details.
  3. Select Pin to Home.
You can create a pin from anywhere you can access content Details or Overview, such as My Apps or My Games.
You can also pin a link to a specific webpage in Internet Explorer. Here’s how:
  1. Go to Apps and select My Apps.
  2. Start Internet Explorer.
  3. Press Y to open the Web Hub. Enter a website address, and then select Done.
  4. Press Y again and select the Favorites icon on the address bar.
This saves the webpage to your favorites list. All Internet Explorer favorites are available in My Pins from Xbox Home.

Remove a pin or move a pin to the front

You can either move a pin to the front or delete it. Here’s how:
Remove a pin
  1. From Xbox Home, select My Pins.
  2. Highlight a pin and press X.
  3. Select Remove Pin.
Move a pin to the front
  1. From Xbox Home, select My Pins.
  2. Highlight a pin and press Y.

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