Saturday, September 8, 2012

Spotlight on Magic: The Gathering - Tactics

We thought last week's “Staying Alive” was a silly title for a regular spotlight feature on the games supported at GTZ. So we'll go with the far more self-explanatory “Spotlight on...”. Sensible, eh?

Magic: The Gathering – Tactics

For those that have been living under a rock, Magic: The Gathering is the original collectible trading card game phenomenon that took early 90's geekdom by storm. By building a deck of cards featuring hosts of summonable creatures, spells and equipment, Planeswalkers (as the players are described) could engage in fantastic battles that only required a flat surface and a steely gaze. A sub-culture sprang up around MTG, with tournaments of assorted kinds where the owners of rare cards would be be treated with fear and respect.

Lion-O considers taking up tiling.
Magic: The Gathering – Tactics brings all the charm and trickery of that era to the PC, but with more bells and whistles. Adding a chess-like battlefield provides an extra layer of tactics as summoned creatures can be manoeuvered into advantageous positions and objectives can be fought over. An engaging single-player storyline draws the player in, teaching the basic game mechanics with colourful, animated creatures and spell effects. Within minutes, the new Planeswalker can be exploring the realm of Dominaria, building a powerful deck and challenging other Planeswalkers.

The opening chapter of the MTG – Tactics story campaign is free to play along with the regular “daily” quests. Continuing the story campaign, purchasing new decks and rare cards or trading with other players requires Station Cash which GTZ is happy to supply to the successful Planeswalker.

Go on, the world of Magic is waiting for you.

Purchase Station Cash from GTZ or check the Magic: The Gathering – Tactics website for more information.

Even Planeswalkers need to be careful around fireworks.

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