Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Word of Video Games

It's probably important, dear GTZ reader, for you to realise that I'm English. There's a statistical likelihood that you're not and indeed GTZ has its roots in the US. As such, we could get off to a bad start by wrangling about language and spelling, but this would be a shame. 

If you can forgive me my refusal to use 'Z' in words like 'organise' and my need to throw vowels around with wild and colourful abandon, then we'll get along fine. If not, you'll just have to put on your mouldy aluminium armour or patronise another website. 

My point is that the English language evolves to suit different communities. This is just as true in gaming as it is in geography. In this 'The Word of Video Games' feature, we'll be looking at the creative use of language throughout gaming culture. 

It makes sense then, to start with the phrase “video game”.

According to Wikipedia, the term “video game” relates to any “electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device”. This definition makes me wonder if putting a digital display on a taser would qualify. 

Personally, I think “video game” better describes console games and their ilk than PC games which - certainly here in the UK - tend still to be described as “computer games”. However, it really is just a matter of taste.

Look on the bright side, if American television pioneer Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr. had had his way, we'd all be calling them “cathode ray tube amusement devices”.

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