Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We are the children of the age of silicon. Few of us can remember the time before interactive technology and its hard to imagine how the world ever managed without the internet. This Technoddity column will be GTZ's celebration of the the human race's ability to build clever stuff for our amusement.

Sometimes this may be a search for deep, philosophical discussion of the finer points of some genius. Other times it may be a fond look at the glorious technological legacy our species has developed. Most often, it'll we'll probably use it as an opportunity to poke fun at the latest person to get a smartphone “accidentally” stuck up their backside.

But to start us off, let us consider mankind's (well, NASA's) phenomenal achievement in carefully landing the ultimate remote-controlled car on the surface of Mars 350-million miles away. Almost more impressive is the ability to beam back high quality images for us all to see. I need to find out what carrier network NASA uses, because I can't even get a signal when I visit my parents out in the country.

But the real burning question is; what's the going rate for a stolen Mars Rover in Mos Eisley?

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