Friday, August 31, 2012

September 2012 Incoming Stuff

Games come in many flavours and on many platforms. Here at GTZ, we support a host of these through the use of micro-transaction wizardry. Others we don't. Why? Because they're not out yet! So let's take a quick, irreverent look at some of the games soon to be unleashed upon the world. 

Darksiders II (US release) [PC] - August 31
The heart-warming tale of the Grim Reaper and pals in their high school years. Play the role of Death as he struggles through his exams, refuses to cut his hair and wears a perpetual “it's so unfair” sulky face. Face challenges like soul acne, embarrassingly unexpected stiffness and constant rejection from beautiful winged people. 

Zen Pinball 2 [PS3, PS Vita] – September 4
Did you ever think the pinnacle of entertainment was making a metal ball bounce around in an enclosed space to a cacophony of bright lights and sounds? Well if you did – and your medication still hasn't worn off  - it's time to think again. Zen Pinball 2 provides the most realistic experience yet, with all the attraction of mindless sphere-bouncing and the added advantage of being able to sit down and/or go outside (where you could alternatively play an actual ball game).  Fake pinball will never be the same again.

Borderlands 2 (US, Euro, Aus) [PC, Xbox 360, PS3] - September 18-21
Borrowing heavily from family-friendly Disney classics like The Little Mermaid and  Lady and the Tramp, Borderlands is an ideal multi-player experience you could play with your Grandmother. Take relaxing walks in the countryside, have a picnic, do some wildlife-spotting and make use of all manner helpfully distributed equipment. Access to a Geiger counter and incontinence pads is recommended.

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