Thursday, May 12, 2011

Star Wars - The Old Republic

TOR -The Old Republic, the much anticipated MMO from Bioware and LucasArts. Rumor has it that this game will either make or break the subscription based MMO. TOR is its most expensive game to date and it will have a subscription fee. In an industry that seems to be moving towards free to play. Will TOR be able to pull in the amount of subscribers it needs to compete with World of Warcraft for the same pool of customers?

BioWare claims they only need 500,000 subscribers for TOR to be profitable. If TOR fails to meet expectations, there will likely be an even faster rise of the free-to-play business model. I honestly believe with the amount of money that EA and Bioware are putting into this project, if they can not get at least a couple million subscribers it will be the end of the subscription based MMO.

However, I do believe that if the game turns out as good as everyone hopes than there will be more than enough subscribers out there to join The Old Republic.

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