Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zune on Xbox Live vs Apple TV

I admit I am a tv download addict. There is nothing I love more than discovering a new television series and watching an entire season one episode after another. I do not go out a purchase like most people. I prefer to download. If I am using my computer I use Amazon on Demand which is now free with Amazon Prime membership. If I have access to my Xbox I use Zune with Microsoft Points. If I am upstairs and in my bedroom I use my apple tv.

Let me start by saying that both my apple tv and my xbox run wirelessly. Theoretically, both systems should have the same download speed. However, with Zune on Xbox Live my showes are available immediately for viewing and have very little problem with streaming. My apple tv does not stream it downloads the entire episode first and then lets you view it. While I admit, it is still absolutely amazing that this technology is available, The difference between the two systems is very discouraging. Last night for a 1 hour episode I had to wait 40 min to watch the video I requested. This compared to the instant streaming on Zune. If you have a choice, go with Zune. If not, apple TV is better than nothing that is for sure.

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