Monday, April 4, 2011

Lord of the Rings Online Update 2: Echoes of the Dead

Late last month, LOTRO add a batch of new content including a new storyline, four new instances, a new raid and much more. Update 2: Echoes of the Dead offeres to enhance the world of Middle-Earth for long time fans of the game and newcomers alike.

A new, powerful evil rises from the heart of Middle-Earth. Sauron’s Gaunt-lords are vengeful, bringing plague and death across the land in the wake of the Rangers’ departure. It 's up to you, the new breed of heroe, to turn back the tide of darkness and protect the Free Peoples.
Included in this new update are four new instances, each with their own entirely unique quest series. The Town of Stonehieght, Northcotton Farm, The Lost Temple and The Glacier Fortress are joined by a new Raid - Ost Dunhoth. In this new twelve-person Raid, you must bring the battle to this deadly servant of Sauron and stop him before he raises his underlings to new powers and completes his dominion.

Other additional updates will be available including an overhaul to the Legendary Items system. Players can now preserve treasured legacies during reforge and bring them to the next chapter of the battle, and the all new Relic system allows players to refine extra relics into Shards. Meld Shards into powerful unique relics, scrolls and unidentified Legendary Items.

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