Friday, February 11, 2011

Snoop Dogg vs Deion Sanders on Kinect

Have you seen this video produced by XBOX Kinect?
I am not sure what to think about this video. My first thoughts are "What was the point again?" Is Xbox going to be providing Kinects for all these kids or at least for their schools? Is Xbox showing them that if they work really hard and do good in school they can own a Xbox.

Is the point of the video, if you want kids to show up for an event, mention Xbox Kinect? Wait, I get it, Xbox Kinect is about living a healthy lifestyle. So go outside and play some football. Who needs game consoles.

I may have no love for this promotional video, but I do have love for the for Xbox Kinect. For me, the best part of the Xbox Kinect is community. With Kinect you no longer have to live in the same town to share experiences with friends and family. Kinect makes it easier than ever to have group experiences watching sporting events, watching movies, and playing games together. Of course, to do this all the party members need to have xbox live account but that is a nominal fee for the amount of fun you can share with the ones you love.

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