Thursday, February 17, 2011

Breach- Innovative FPS or clone flop?

When gamers say that they enjoy First person shooter (FPS) games, most mention: Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, or even Counter-Strike. However, while browsing through the Xbox Live Game Marketplace, an arcade game stuck out that peeked curiosity.

"Breach" is the name of the game. Players are placed right in the midst of a heavy firefight, and their job is to push through the enemy defenses, and annex their territory. They do this by using a load-out of various weapons and equipment (which resembles disturbingly similar to that of Battlefield).

The overall gameplay quality is up to the player. After running through a seemingly empty city, only to be shot by a distance sniper is one of the frequent events in the game. Players are forced to come up with alternative ways to deal with their opponent; diverging then from the traditional "run-and-gun" technique.

Leaving this reviewer frustrated by being continuously greeted with the "Choose you next spawn" screen, the game does have the potential ability to be turned off multiple times. It really is all up to the patience of the gamer. For only 1200 Microsoft points, Breach definitely shows potential for a Arcade FPS, however there are much better games out there then Breach. Personal preference and overall gaming experience plays a substantial role in determining this games quality. There is a free demo for Breach, so you can try it before spending those hard earned Microsoft points.

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