Thursday, January 13, 2011

XBOX, Kinect, ESPN

Ever since I heard that ESPN was joining up with XBOX, I thought to myself why would I watch sports on XBOX instead of on TV? Then I was listening to the XBOX CES speach and they talked about how Kinect can enhance this experience. I decided to figure out what the big deal is.
  1. ESPN on XBOX gives you interactive features. Like picking who you think will win the game and seeing how many other users have made the same selection.
  2. Kinect allows you to control the TV by voice.
  3. XBOX allows you to watch ESPN with friends/family. Kinect allows you to talk to them as if they were in the room
So, if you are snowed in and can not get to your favorite bar to watch your team with a group of friends XBOX/Kinect/ESPN is the next best thing. Of course you will need an XBOX live account and where better to purchase than here at Game Time Zone

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