Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A World of Keflings Review

World of Keflings is an interesting twist on an age old game. It's not that different than Warcraft III but it's a lot of fun to play as a God. Keflings puts your avatar in the mix where you can navigate your world and pick up Keflings to assign them to any task that you'd like. You can have them mine ice for you or collect sticks. Once you've gathered resources your Keflings can help you build houses, more advanced structures and solve complex problems. This is the first of this genre of games I've play on the Xbove Live Arcade and I have to say it is fun to play a strategy game like this on the Xbox.

The game controls are simple and as intuitive as any I've picked up lately which was good to see. It did seem odd to me that when you set Keflings to harvest resources that you also have to tell them if you want them to transport them back to your storehouse but this also gives you added flexibility.

The trial alone gives you a good hour of game play which I really enjoyed. I ended up unlocking the game the next day so that I could save my progress since I got a good kick out of it.

World of Keflings has both online and offline co-op which I'm really looking forward to checking out.

Cost: 800 Microsoft Points
Xbox Official Website: World of Keflings
Publisher Website: World of Keflings

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