Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wiiware at Nintendo :: Wii :: Online Features and how they saved the day

My Son has been sick for close to 6 days now. The first few days, he did not leave the couch. On the 5th day, he started feeling well enough to be bored but not well enough to do much of anything. Thank goodness for Wii points and the Wii Shop Channel. I tucked my son into his favorite game chair, gave him water, box of kleenex, a Wii remote and said, "Lets find something to cheer you up." There is nothing that works better than something new, something with a little challenge, and something with humor in it. My son chose Warioware D.I.Y showcase just 800 Wii Points Within minutes, my son was no longer thinking about how he felt and was completely distracted. Laughter "is" the best medicine and from now on Doctors should say "Take two tylenol, some Wii Points, and Call me in the morning."

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