Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pre-Advanced Warfare

With the upcoming release of Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare, at the beginning of November, there is news abound of all the pre-release specials and beta gameplay out there. The awesome new multiplayer introduces a ton of new weapons, perks, technology, customization and other new features. It is said to have an almost Halo-like feel to it, with sharp new graphics and the old Call of Duty feel.

Steam has announced a special, where is you pre-purchace the game, you will get the Day Zero Edition, 24 hours prior to purchace. What this does is allow early access to the game on November 3rd, along with two bonus weapons, advanced arsenal, and extra experience on the pre-release date. I highly recommended that you order the Day Zero Edition before the release of the game, through steam, to get a headstart on all that multiplayer action.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Destiny Beta Release

Announced for July 17th through July 27rd, is the beta for the upcoming shooter called Destiny. It is considered a sci-fi 'shared-world shooter', and will be hosting their beta release on the PlayStation3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The game itself is considered a 'portal to another universe', and comes with two expansion packs which are included in the several limited editions of the game. The new beta will start at the beginning of the game, and will include a handful of missions and a few PvP crucible maps to start off. On July 16th, IGN will be livestreaming gameplay before the release of the beta. You can preoreder the game now online, and choose from three different versions, with several bonuses, or wait for it's release and order it then at

Monday, June 30, 2014

Games with Gold for July

With mid summer approaching, Steam sales are drawing to a close and a new Fable release is on the horizon. Puzzle gamers everywhere are preparing for a game that goes by the name Valiant Hearts, and with a new months approaching, Xbox is releasing a few new Games with Gold for July.

Guacamelee! will be available July second as a two dimensional based platformer with a sense of charm and humor. As it sounds, Guacamelee is based on it's melee combat, though it's maps and it's puzzle concepts, based on flipping between the world of the living, and the world of the dead, also play a huge part in the game. With it's colorful art style and amazing character design, along with a few RPG elements, its no surprise it's been rated a 9.0 on ign, and is a highly recommended play.

The other two new games on Games with Gold are Gotham City Impostors, a shooter available July first through the 15th, and BattleBlock Theater, a game by Behemoth games which takes a humorous two dimensional platformer and throws it's own twist on it. The game starts when your ship full of friends crashes on an island filled with cat guards. It's your job to play through the 80 plus levels to free yourself from them. While the game looks cute, it's hard to fall in love with, and other platformers, like Guacamelee!, are more highly recommended.

To get Games with Gold, one must have an Xbox live subscription, which is free to obtain. If one wants to buy something with Xbox points, however, it is possible to purchase the points at

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A New Halo: Confirmed

With the introduction of new consoles, comes the introduction of new games. Franchises everywhere have been sorting out which series to bring along with the new consoles, and which ones to leave behind. Of course, Microsoft's Xbox has been planning on carrying along the Halo series since E3 of last year, when they released a trailer featuring the main character of Halo, The Chief. While there isn't much information about the actual game released until E3 itself, the release of Halo 5: Guardians, has been confirmed. Rumors say that the game will be ODST related, or be tied in with the story-line. We do, however, know that there will be a massive improvement on the graphics, as a new gaming system means a  new, more powerful engine, which can run games at sixty frames per second, as opposed to the original thirty. The worlds generated are said to be worthy of the new generation consoles, and the General Manager of 343, Bonnie Ross himself, has said this Journey that is the Halo franchise will be making a Giant Leap this year, rather than small steps, as previous games have done. As I said earlier, there isn't much to reveal yet, until E3, but in that time, I'm sure Halo fans everywhere will be celebrating the next release of this Legendary game. If you want more information, check this blog entry.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Titanfall, a New Generation of Multiplayer

From Respawn Entertainment comes a new title known as Titanfall, one of the most anticipated games of 2014. This first person multiplayer shooter takes place in a dangerous universe where you, a pilot, and your titan, a giant humanoid robot you pilot, do battle with other titans, pilots, and AI soldiers. The game focuses on the two elements of these soldiers, the pilots, which are agile footsoliders with a jetpack, and the titans,who are the giant robots you can maneuver around the map, until they explode. The pillot, that is you, start off by choosing a default class to fight with, and five weapons of choice for their class: the main weapon, the side arm, an anti-titan weapon, a special ability, and an ordinance. The titans themselves have their own sort of classes, as there are three types of titans to use. Everyone gets a titan, and surprisingly, contrary to popular belief, the titans are not ridiculously overpowering, and rather easy to take out. As of right now, there are two game modes for Titanfall, known as Attrition, a basic death-match, and Hardpoint. Only three maps have been released so far, though I can only imagine that many more maps will be following in suit. The controls you have in the game really set it apart from other shooters, as maneuvering feels more natural than that of Battlefield of Call of Duty, and there are more ways to manuver, such as double jumping, and wall running. The graphics are incredible, from the massive ships in the sky and the landscapes, down to the finest detail on the soldiers and their weapons, Titanfall does a good job at immersing you in the gameplay. The story is driven by two factions, the IMC and the Militia. The IMC is a giant cooperation who is exploiting a place known as the Frontier, or the collection of resource-rich planets at the deepest reaches of space. The Militia are run by people known as settlers, who are men and women who journey to the frontier looking for new opportunities and places to settle outside of Earth. It is the settlers belief that the IMC should stay out of this free new land, though to the IMC, the settlers are a huge obstacle in collecting their precious resources, thus, the two fight one another over control of the land. The game will be released on the Xbox and the PC, so both console gamers and PC gamers can get a taste of this game. Released on March 11th, the titles of this game are now available in stores everywhere, or online. I highly recommend getting this game, for sandbox gamers, for shooters, or for those who enjoy multiplayer. Hope to see you on the Frontier.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Super Mario Galaxy on Review

Mario is one of the longest running series in video game history, and certainly one of the most popular. Since the dawn of his creation, the concept has remained basically the same, with occasional variants like Mario Kart and Mario Superstar Baseball that Nintendo has made and sort of set aside the original Mario storyline. My favorite Mario game, by far, is Super Mario Galaxy, made for the Wii system.

In this game, you play as Mario running through a space-like environment. Princess Peach is, once again, captured by the dastardly Bowser, and it's Mario's job to get her back. Like other Mario games, in Super Galaxy you have the option to travel through different levels, and unlike other games, you go about it defeating monsters and completing puzzles as you go. What really stand out, though, are the level designs, which are completely out of this world, excuse the pun. The creativity that goes into the design for the levels is phenomenal. Where in other Mario games, the levels are flat and fairly two dimensional, Super Mario Galaxy is a game with three dimensions. This whole game has a space theme to it, and it's your job as Mario to go traversing across these floating 'planets', each with their own gravity, different dangers, and unique components that set each level apart from one another. In these collections of planets, you act as Mario, bouncing around to try and collect coins and 'star bits'. Star bits act as both the currency and a type of weapon in the game, along with Mario's original bounce and a new 'spinning' move that can be done by shaking the remote. Because of this, it can be fun to just run around and goof off in levels, and Nintendo made it even more fun to return to previously played levels to collect all the coins and the stars themselves, which are needed in order to save the Princess, and travel through the galaxy. The graphics are by far better than previous Mario games made for the Gamecube and N64, and the controls do fairly well as far as a Wii game is concerned. Sometimes, while wandering around in a nearly four-dimensional field, the controls can get a bit strange, and the gravity of a planet can sometimes make it difficult to jump in a straight line. However, the strangeness and newness of the platformer makes it an amazingly different, but still fun, game to play. However, if you don't like the Wii controls, I do not suggest this game for you. While this game is not particularly challenging, it can get tiresome, as this game calls for aiming the remote at the TV quite a bit, to spin, to shoot star bits, to defeat bosses, or to complete different puzzles. While most Mario games are more based on the playability of the normal Mario levels, Mario Galaxy really stands out because of the exact opposite, with the playability, mechanics, and art design of the levels being the center of what makes this game great. It is that, with the nostalgia of the old Mario thrown in on top of this that make the whole game a great play, whether or not you like to play Wii games or not. If you do own a Wii, I would definitely say that Super Mario Galaxy is a game that should be one in your collection.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

News of Steambox in 2014

(2013 Steambox Debut)
With the holiday season over, and most gaming companies done with their Christmas and New Year sales, most gamers are focused only on completing all of the games they received for gifts this year. While not much news has been circulating, there are certain things to be looking out for this upcoming 2014. News of the release of Elder Scrolls Online and the new lineup of Mario games abound, what I'm most excited about is the new Alieanwear Steam Machine. Announcement a new gaming platform for the first time in fifteen years may sound a bit risky, given today's competitive gaming market, but is also extremely exciting for both console and PC gamers everywhere.

Not much is currently known about the new Steambox, but from what has been released, we do know that the box will be able to act as a mini server, able to serve up to eight controllers and monitors, meaning you could have the ability to hook the box up in one room and have it serve eight other screens, in distant rooms of your house. There will be no motion controls, rather a handheld controller as most other consoles use, replacing the keyboard that all Steam games typically use. To compensate for the lack of a keyboard, Valve has put a touchscreen in the middle of their controller (a bit like Sony did with the PS4) a pair of buttons flanking the touchscreen, and two 'non-joystick' analog on either side of them. Steam has also redesigned their website to better fit onto your livingroom TV, a simpler, sleeker design, called the 'Big Picture Mode', which can already be found on the steam website, under settings. Here, it will be easier to access your Steam account and the store to buy new games, eliminating the use of game discs.  Basically, the new Steambox will become a new gaming computer without the computer, a post-PC-gaming console if you will.

While console gamers are excited, PC gamers will still have the ability to sit back and relax with a nice game downloaded right from the internet, without having to move from their monitor to their TV screen. The point of the Steambox is to expand Valve's reach, rather than eliminate PC gaming entirely. With this, Steam will be able to reach out to a whole new audience who can experience a completely new form of platform gaming, one only previously experienced by PC gamers.